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*Terms & Conditions*

The terms and conditions of APEXOne are a set of legal agreements between the company and its customers/Financial Consultants/Advisors/Franchise Partners that outline the terms of use for its financial products and services. Some of the key details that may be included in these terms and conditions include:

1. Eligibility requirements: The terms and conditions may outline the eligibility requirements for using ApexOne's financial products and services. For example, customers may need to meet certain creditworthiness or income requirements.

2. Fees and charges: The terms and conditions may outline the fees and charges associated with the various financial products and services offered by ApexOne. For example, customers may need to pay fees for loan origination, late payments, or other services.

3. Repayment terms: The terms and conditions may detail the repayment terms for various financial products, such as loans and lines of credit. This may include information about interest rates, repayment schedules, and other important details.

4. Intellectual property rights: The terms and conditions may include information about ApexOne's intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary information.

5. Data privacy and security: The terms and conditions may outline how ApexOne collects, uses, and secures customer information, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

6. Dispute resolution: The terms and conditions may include details about how disputes between ApexOne and its customers will be resolved, such as through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

It's important for customers to carefully review the terms and conditions of any financial product or service before using it, in order to fully understand their rights and obligations under the agreement.

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